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Chef Kalen Fortuna

Chef Kalen

Welcome to the culinary journey led by Chef Kalen Fortuna! With roots deeply ingrained in the rich tapestry of Lebanese cuisine learned from his grandmother in Detroit, Chef Kalen's culinary prowess has blossomed across diverse landscapes.


Having honed his skills under the tutelage of esteemed chefs in Charleston, SC, Chef Kalen's gastronomic odyssey led him to the picturesque Florida Keys. There, as the Executive Chef of the acclaimed Little Palm Island, he crafted award-winning culinary experiences that echoed the beauty of the tropical surroundings.


Following Hurricane Irma and a period of exploration, Chef Kalen found a new canvas at the renowned Peninsula Grill in Charleston, SC, where he assumed the role of Executive Chef. With each dish, he brought a symphony of flavors, showcasing a mastery that resonates with the discerning palates of the region.


Now, at Roots and Vine, we are privileged to have Chef Kalen at the helm, guiding our culinary endeavors. His journey, marked by resilience and a passion for storytelling through food, perfectly aligns with our mission to write a culinary love letter to the Appalachian Mountains.


Join us in celebrating Chef Kalen's artistry as he translates his diverse experiences into an unforgettable dining experience, weaving the flavors of Appalachia into every dish.


To unforgettable culinary adventures,

Chef Kalen and The Roots and Vine Team

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